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hintanswernumber of letters in answer
Tuberculosis is a disease caused by8
T-cells that destroy cancer are called9
An organism or virus that causes a disease is a8
Antibiotics do not damage the host organism because eukaryotes have differenet......than bacteria9,8
thrombin causes the convrsion of the the insoluble fibrin10
ted blood cells are properly called..12
the reaction of factors from damaged cells or platelets and factors from plasma causes the conversion of thrombin11
white blood cells that ingest foreign particles and cells are called..9
hintanswernumber of letters in answer
immunity due to the acquisition of antibodies from another individual is called..7
a protozoan disease affecting 300 million people a year is ...7
immunity due to innoculation is10
.....are better known as white blood cells10 better known as HIV5,16,5
immunity due to infection is known as....7
cancer cells can be targeted with drugs attached to.....10,10
antibody production depends on the white blood cells called11

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