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An agreement made between shareholders of the Massachusetts Bay Company that led to the foundation of Boston. Emigrating shareholders bought out the shares of non-emigrating member
A Massachusetts legislative and judiciary body that drew together Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, and Maine following the dissolution of the Dominion of New England.
Laws in Puritan communities requiring towns to provide certain educational opportunities. Established under the notion that Satan deludes those without direct contact with God.
A short-lived administrative of the New England colonies, headed by Edmund Andros. Was highly unpopular with colonists due to a centralized authority out of England and the inclusi
The Calvinist principle that grace was only open tothose whom God had selected for salvation from the beginning of time.
A Protestant movement stressing the principles of predestination and work ethic. Adopted by the Puritans.
A war between Wampanoag Indians and colonists led by Metacomet. Sparked when three natives were hanged for the death of a 'praying Indian'.
Document signed by the male passengers of the Mayflower before landing at Plymouth. Drafted by the colonists to establish a prevent non-Pilgrims from refusing to cooperate.
A form of English Protestantism that thought the Anglican church had been fatally politicized. Valued education and community. Settled in Massachusetts.
A Massachusetts town that was the site of a series of witch trials in 1692.
In Puritan Calvinism, the belief that God had voluntarily entered a contract with worshippers through which they could secure salvation.
A form of church governance in which each local church is autonomous. Originated with English Puritans.
One of the first declarations of individual rights in America and the first legal code established by European colonists in New England. Compiled by Puritan minister Nathaniel Ward
Sermon made by John Winthrop to his company of Puritans on the voyage to Massachusetts. Emphasized community.

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