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Can you name the Bourbons, Populists, and Progressives?

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name given to three Georgia leaders—Joseph E. Brown, Alfred H. Colquitt, and John B. Gordon—after Reconstruction ended
farmers organization founded in the late 1870’s; it worked for lower railroad freight rates, lower interest rates, and a change in the government’s tight money policy
cooperative buying store that allows members to buy goods and equipment directly from producers
an act of deceiving or misrepresenting
political party formed in the late 1800’s by farmers and labor organizations
tax on a person’s income which is higher than the person’s income, the higher the percentage of tax that person would pay
movement to reform in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s whose members believed that government was best able to deal with the problems brought on by industrialization and urbani
procedure for political primaries in which candidates for statewide office were chosen not by the overall popular votes but by the unit votes of each county; counties were divided
the right to vote
amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1920, that gave the women the right to vote

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