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I'm the Captain of the unit. I destroyed Steve's table at Gettysburg?
I'm the Lieutenant. I have a great Jimmy Stewart impression?
'The Preakness is the sprint'?
I play a mean Tin Cup and struggle remembering Shoulder Arms and how to stack?
'I just got a great new deal from Pakistan!'?
I really don't say much. I drum and joined via School of the Soldier?
I play basketball, which is why I miss many reenactments?
I'm 14 or 15 and smarter than everyone?
I dropped at Neshimany with heat exhaustion. Only one with a Life Score?
Steve loves me for my purty mouth?
I have shoes that resemble elves and I know way too much about Columbine?
I bought an Indian Headdress at Hamlin?
I puked outside of Arby's after Cedar Creek. I'm the most normal in the unit?
I work for Waste Management and drive a F-250 Super Duty?
I attended McQuaid and have a unibrow?
I love Green Day and used to have long hair. 'Steve, can I play your guitar?' 'NO!'?
I play lacrosse for Marcus Whitman?
I attend Shepherd University and am a walking encyclopedia of the Civil War?
I play drum for the 34th North Carolina String Band and was just elected 2nd Sergeant?
I have a vast knowledge of WWII and impressed Steve by knowing the Manual of Arms on day 1?
Houseman's 'female dog' I make my musket go KABOOM ?
Apparently I play fiddle and banjo professionally. Do I exist??

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