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Can you answer these questions about the city of Bordeaux for each letter of the alphabet?

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ABordeaux was the prefecture of this traditional region of France until 2016
BAncient Roman name for Bordeaux
CSmall pastry with the shape of a striated cylinder, speciality of Bordeaux
DBordeaux historically developed along the banks of this stream that has now been driven underground
EThis 12th-century woman was Queen consort of France and England and one of the most powerful women in Europe at that time
FThis neighboring town of Bordeaux is the location of the main astronomical observatory of the region
GThis river flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Bordeaux
HThis French prefect used Bordeaux as a model for his famous urban renewal program in Paris in the 19th century,
IBETASOM, a submarine base at Bordeaux, was used by the navy of this country during the Battle of the Atlantic (1940-1943)
JThis current Mayor of Bordeaux was also Prime Minister of France between 1995 and 1997
KThis business school was established in 2013 after the merger of ESC Bordeaux and ESC Marseille
LThis French word for 'moon' is the name of the port which is a part of the city inscribed on the World Heritage List (Port de la ____)
MThis French philosopher famous for his theory of separation of powers became a counselor of the Bordeaux Parliament in 1714
NThe 'Pont de Pierre' (Stone Bridge) was designed in 1819 under the orders of this French Emperor
OThis capital of Burkina Faso is twinned with Bordeaux
PThis Archbishop of Bordeaux from the 15th century initiated the construction of the famous tower of the same name
QThis square is one of the largest city squares in Europe (Place des __________)
RThis team sport is probably the most popular one in the region. The prominent team of Bordeaux is Union Bordeaux-B├Ęgles
SThis main shopping street of Bordeaux is often billed as the longest pedestrian street in Europe (Rue ______-_________)
TThis military leader was France's de facto head of state when Bordeaux briefly became the capital of France in January 1871
UBordeaux was plundered by the troops of this Arabic dynasty in 732
VThis duchy, also known as Gascony, which had Bordeaux as capital, was a dependency of the Plantagenet kings of England
WBordeaux is the center of an area producing the most prestigious styles of this alcoholic beverage
XRegnal number (Roman numeral) of the King Louis who was King of France when Bordeaux was annexed to the Kingdom in 1653
YFirst name of Gourcuff, best player of the 2008-09 league winning squad of Girondins de Bordeaux (soccer)
ZThis current manager of Real Madrid (soccer) played 5 seasons for the Girondins de Bordeaux

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