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Can you name the American movies most aired on French television between 1957 and 2011?

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Year (Times)MovieDirectors
1959 (15)Howard Hawks
1978 (14)Randal Kleiser
1983 (14)Irvin Kershner
1962 (14)K. Annakin, A. Marton & B. Wicki
1976 (14)John Guillermin
1970 (14)Arthur Penn
1959 (14)Alfred Hitchcock
1984 (14)James Cameron
1986 (14)Tony Scott
1977 (14)Richard Attenborough
1938 (13)M. Curtiz & W. Keighley
1994 (13)Luis Llosa
1984 (13)Martin Brest
1987 (13)Tony Scott
1968 (13)Sergio Leone
1966 (13)Henry Hathaway
1982 (13)Ted Kotcheff
Year (Times)MovieDirectors
1960 (13)John Sturges
1939 (12)Victor Fleming
1981 (12)Steven Spielberg
1993 (12)John Woo
1954 (12)Alfred Hitchcock
1978 (12)Jeannot Szwarc
1967 (12)Robert Aldrich
1977 (12)John Badham
1952 (12)Richard Thorpe
1955 (12)Alfred Hitchcock
1980 (12)Don Taylor
1970 (12)Franklin J. Schaffner
1998 (12)Carl Schenkel
1936 (12)Charles Chaplin
1983 (12)John Landis
1984 (12)Robert Zemeckis

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