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QUIZ: Can you name the most frequently guessed answers to each of the following Sporcle quizzes?

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QuizMost Frequently Guessed Answer(s)Percent Correct
U.S. States97.8%
Countries of Europe97.7%
U.S. Presidents98.1%
Countries of the World95.9%
Countries of Africa96.0%
3 Letter Body Parts96.4%
Countries of Asia98.1%
Commonest English Words97.2%
NFL Teams94.8%
Seven Dirty Words95.4%
Countries of North America98.7%
Countries of South America99.2%
The Simpsons (Characters)99.0%
U.S. State Capitals85.2%
Pixar Movies94.1%
Chat Acronyms (Common)99.1%
Periodic Table95.2%
QuizMost Frequently Guessed Answer(s)Percent Correct
Pokémon Characters (Generation 1)93.3%
Fast Food Restaurants99.2%
MLB Teams98.2%
The Nine Planets97.5%
Countries of Oceania98.0%
Colors of the Rainbow99.9%
NBA Teams97.1%
4-Sport Cities98.2%
Family Guy (Characters)98.6%
Disney Animated Movies86.4%
The Seven Dwarfs97.4%
Capitals of Europe94.5%
Greek Gods98.7%
Most Spoken Languages99.7%
Seven Deadly Sins81.3%
Adam Sandler Movies89.0%
4 Letter Countries71.5%

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