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Can you answer difficult questions about the Harry Potter universe?

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Which character's trademark color is pink?
In which House was Moaning Myrtle?
What is the code for the visitors' entrance to the Ministry of Magic?
Name the plant used by Harry in the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament
Which Order member met with the Muggle Prime Minister in Half-Blood Prince?
Name the two teams playing in the 422nd Quidditch World Cup
Who played Filius Flitwick?
Name the four Marauders in the order that they appear on the Marauder's Map
What does one eat to recover from a dementor encounter?
Where does Harry accidentally end up while trying to Floo to Diagon Alley?
What are Neville's parents' names?
What was Buckbeak also known as?
What broke Harry's arm in Chamber of Secrets?
What are Malfoy's best friends' names? (last names only)
Who killed Sirius?
What did Voldemort say when he touched Harry's forehead in Goblet of Fire?
What is Dumbledore's full name?
What was the last name of the three brothers in the Deathly Hallows story?
What was the name of the woman Voldemort took captive in order to extract information about the Triwizard Tournament?
What obstacle did Professor Sprout place to guard the Sorcerer's Stone?
What was the Dursleys' address?
What animals did the Malfoy family keep as pets on the grounds of their manor?
What potion smells differently to each person according to what attracts them?
What is the profession of Hermione's parents?
Who gives Pigwidgeon to Ron?
What is the name of Hermione's cat?
What is Harry Potter's middle name?
Name all of the Weasley children, from oldest to youngest.
Who does Draco Malfoy marry?
What Patronus does Ernie Macmillan have?
What is the first name of Voldemort's mother?
What heals Harry after he is bitten by the basilisk?
Which actor played Severus Snape?
Which character could transform into a cat?
Which class is the only class taught by a ghost?
Who uses Polyjuice Potion to transform into Professor Moody?
Who was Dumbledore's best friend in his youth?
Who wears a turban concealing Voldemort's face in the back of his head?
Which character goes up against Ron for the position of Keeper?
What is the name of the village near Hogwarts?
How were Lily Potter and Petunia Dursley connected?
What is the name of the caretaker of Hogwarts?
Name the house elf owned by the Black family.
Who did the sword in Dumbledore's office belong to?
Which character was missing a finger?
What is the book of wizarding children's tales called?
What year did the final battle take place?
What is Severus Snape's Patronus?
What was the name of Lavender Brown's pet bunny?
Who guards the Gryffindor common room?
What is the name of the tree in which Ron lands his father's car?
Who owns the Three Broomsticks?
What is the name written in Ron's Advanced Potions book in Half-Blood Prince?
Who does Harry take to the Yule Ball?
Who does BIll Weasley marry?
Master has given Dobby a...?
What was the name of the giant spider who lived in the Forbidden Forest?
Which character was a werewolf?
What is the name of the caretaker's cat?
What is the name of Harry's cousin?
What core does Harry's wand have?
Who lives at Shell Cottage?
What is the last name of the Death Eater siblings who teach at Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows?
Who wrote A History of Magic?
What creature lives in the Weasleys' attic?
Who is Harry's godfather?
What is the name of Voldemort's snake?
Who is the substitute teacher for Care of Magical Creatures?
Who drives the Knight Bus?
Who is the flying instructor at Hogwarts?
What is the name of Dumbledore's brother?
What was the name of Sirius's brother?
Who is Harry's first kiss with?
What is the name of the club Hermione tries to form for house-elf rights?
What is the name of the wand shop in Diagon Alley?
Who takes Hermione to the Yule Ball?
What is the name of the younger Creevey brother?
Where does Sirius live?
What is the Weasley house called?
Name the Minister of Magic at the beginning of the series
What type of owl is Hedwig?
What is the name of the Weasley family owl?
Who does Lupin marry?
What is the name of the Muggle caretaker of the Riddle house?
What can Rita Skeeter turn into?
What pulls the carriages at Hogwarts?
Which character supports the West Ham football team?
What is Kingsley Shacklebolt's Patronus?
What is the name of Hagrid's boarhound?
What does Dumbledore will to Harry?
Who shows Harry where the sword is in the forest?
What time does the Hogwarts Express leave King's Cross?
What was the name of Dumbledore's sister?
What is Neville's pet toad's name?
What was the Marauders' nickname for Snape?
Whose father runs the Quibbler magazine?
What does Arthur call Molly as a pet name?
Which item of Rowena Ravenclaw's did Voldemort turn into a Horcrux?
What is the last line of book 7?
After all this time?

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