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What is the first style of Cross-Country Skiing ever created?
What is the second style of Cross-Country Skiing
What do Europeans call 'One Skate'?
What do Europeans call 'Two Skate'?
What is the skate style you use to get up major hills?
What is the skate style you use to go up minor hills and flats?
What is the skate style that you use on down hills when you gain too much speed?
What is the style of skate skiing you use on graduale and regular downhills?
What is the proper name for Classic skiing?
What is the style of classic skiing that is now taking over?
What is it called when everyone in a ski race goes at the same time?
What is it called in a ski race when everyone starts at either 10 sec,30 sec or a minute apart?
What's it called when two or more people finish within 1 second?
Where should a skate poll be up to on your face?
Where should your classic polls sit on your body?
What company has the lighest ski boots??
What common ski companys main color is red?
What company has a hole at the top of their top of the line skate skis?
What were the first cross country skis made out of?
What came first? Cross country of downhill?

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