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occurs when someone attacks another person's point of view by criticizing that personmudslinging
occurs when it's argued that a complex situation can be resolved in only one of two possible waysoversimplifies
the writer assumes the truth of something that needs to be provendangerous pets need muzzles
two things are like in some regards, there are similar in always'we killed it'
unsound, inductive inferences based on too few instances of a behavior, situation, or process.all middle-eastern foreigners are terroists
final part is totally unrelated to the first is food, water is water, but it's not over till the fat lady sings
results when it is presumed that one even caused another just because it occured firstcar breaks down after your brother used it
undercuts a writer's credibility'studies show' 'experts claim'
deliberate attempts to focus attention on a peripheral matter rather than examine the merits of the issues in discusionchanging the subject

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