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Can you name the answers to the book Matched?

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Who is the main character?
How old do people live in the Society?
Who borrowed Cassia's artifact for a match ceremony?
Where does the Reyes family get relocated to?
Who is Cassia matched with?
Who does she really love?
At what age do people get matched?
What summer activity did Ky take up?
What is Ky's job?
What is Cassia good at?
How many poems are allowed for the society to read?
How many songs are allowed for the society?
Ky teaches Cassia what?
What is Ky's artifact?
Who does Ky live with?
What color dress did Cassia where to the match ceremony?
How does the Society have people die when they're 80?
What color clothes do people wear mainly in the Society?
Who's face came up on Cassia's port?
What is Cassia's father's job?

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