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QUIZ: Can you name the My Little Pony Trivia (easy, medium, and hard)?

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Pony (easy)Which Princess is the only ruler of an empire?
Place (easy)Where does Zecora live?
Mane Six (easy)Where did Pinkie Pie used to live?
Song (easy)Lets finish our holiday cheer...
CMC (easy)Who is the fourth CMC?
Villains (easy)Who is the ruler of chaos?
Pony (medium)Which pony plays the cello?
Place (medium)Where do the Power Ponies live?
Mane Six (medium)Which pony has not been seen with any family member?
Song (medium)What is the first song ever sung in MLP G4?
CMC (medium)Who is the first pony to try and help Apple Bloom get her cutie mark?
Villains (medium)Which villain is a king?
Pony (hard)Who is always hanging out with Lyra?
Place (hard)Where does Ms. Peachbottom live?
Mane Six (hard)Who played Commander Easy Glider in Rarity's fashion display in Testing, Testing, 1 2 3?
Song (hard)What are the words to the only song played in Somepony Watching Over Me?
CMC (hard)What is the third cutie mark Apple Bloom receives in Cutie Pox?
Villains (hard)What are the names of the Diamond Dogs?

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