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What was Spike going to give Moondancer?Friendship is Magic Part 1
What was the Lion/Scorpion that Fluttershy soothed called?Friendship is Magic Part 2
Who was the second pony to present why she wanted to go to the Gala?Ticket Master
What did Big Mac injure that caused him to not be able to help buck apples?Applebuck Season
What prank is pulled on Applejack?Griffon the Brush Off
What does Twilight use as a bottle for the Ursa Minor?Boast Busters
What does Rainbow Dash do to the Dragon?Dragonshy
What was the sleep over book that Twilight read called?Look Before You Sleep
What was Twilight's Nickname?Bridle Gossip
What color is the first parasprite?Swarm of the Century
What are the first animals that Twilight wakes up?Winter Wrap Up
What was the first thing that Applebloom tried with Rainbow Dash to get her cutie mark?Call of the Cutie
What did Rainbow Dash do to Applejack that sends her to a cliff?Fall Weather Friends
What did Fluttershy want for her dress?Suited for Success
What did the combo ear flop, eye flutter,knee twitch mean?Feeling Pinkie Keen
Which pony, according to Fluttershy, looked like a nice pony?Sonic Rainboom
Which chicken ran away?Stare Master
What color is Sweetie Belle's costume?The Show Stoppers
What kind of gem did Rarity give to Spike?A Dog and Pony Show
What is the first thing Twilight does to embarrass Fluttershy?Green Isn't Your Color
What kind of gems are Spike's favorite?Over a Barrel
What was the first thing Fluttershy tried with Philomena?A Bird in Hoof
Who said 'Dumb Rock!'The Cutie Mark Chronicles
What did Rarity make for Spike that she also made for Owlowiscoius?Owl's Well That Ends Well
Who said 'It's down right despicable!!'Party of One
What does Prince Blueblood use to clean up the punch spill?The Best Night Ever

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