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Can you name the My little Pony Cutie Marks?

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HintAnswerExtra Info
StarsMane 6
Cloud with a rainbow lightning boltMane 6
BalloonsMane 6
DiamondsMane 6
ButterfliesMane 6
ApplesMane 6
NoneEarth Pony CMC
NoneUnicorn CMC
NonePegasus CMC
NoneManehattan CMC
Crystal HeartPrincess
Hour GlassMade from a Popular TV show
BubblesMuffin Lover
TiaraBully to CMC
SpoonBully to CMC
ScissorsTrixie Assistant
SnailTrixie Assistant
Sheild with a StarTwilight's Brother
NoneTwilight's Assistant
NoneRainbow's Turtle
NoneTwilight's Owl
NonePinkie's Gator
NoneAJ's Dog
NoneFluttershy's Bunny
NoneRarity's Cat
NoneCelestia's Bird
*CandiesBackground Pony
*LilyBackground Pony
HintAnswerExtra Info
*RoseBackground Pony
*HarpBackground Pony
Tremble ClefPlays the Chelo
Eighth NoteDJ
Half a Granny Smith AppleApple Family Member
Apple PieApple Family Member
Red Delicious AppleAppleloosan
Sheriff StarAppleloosan
Swirled SunLives in Everfree Forest
NoneDiamond Dog
NoneDiamond Dog
NoneDiamond Dog
Smiley FlowersCMC Teacher
DonutMade Donut Topia
NonePirate for Nightmare Night
FeatherSkinny Filly who Works for the Foal Free Press
Paper FanFashion Critic
Scroll With A Blue RibbonPonyville Government
Bag of MoneyDiamond Tiara's Dad
CrownsFancy Pony in Canterlot
Carrot CakesWorks at Sugar Cube Corner
Cup CakesWorks at Sugar Cube Corner
CherryLives in Dodge Juction
Apple SliceCon Pony
Apple with a Slice Taken Out of itCon Pony
Compass RoseAdventure Pony from a Book
NoneCranky's Girl
HintAnswerExtra Info
NoneMousse Moose Creator
NoneChocolate Eclair Creator
NoneRainbow's Rude Griffon Friend
Lightning BoltPegasus Sick with the Feather Flu
TrophyEquestria Games Inspector
*Grapes and StrawberriesBackground Pony
Apple SeedlingAunt who Lost her Teeth in Apple Sauce
Apple and RosesGranny Smith's Favorite Cousin
Chicken'(Equestria Games Inspector)'
MoonAKA Princess Luna
ButtonsFabric Stealer in Manehattan
Grilled CheeseSuper Duper Party Pony
Lightning Bolt With Dust Coming off of itRainbow's Rude Pegasus Friend
Compass RoseCelestia's Nephew
DumbellStrong Man
NoneFake Dragon's Cousin
NonePonyville's Masked Hero
Red and Yellow SkullsDaring Do's Pony Nemesis
NoneDaring Do's Other Nemesis
*DaisyBackground Pony
BlossomSpa Pony
BlossomSpa Pony
NoneSea Serpent
NoneNightmare Moon's Fake Wonderbolts
UnknownWonderbolt Leader
UnknownMale Wonderbolt
UnknownFemale Wonderbolt

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