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Super Mario Bros.
The famous plumber who sports blue overalls and a red hat 
The green one who is overshadowed by his older brother 
The main villain in the series 
The damsel in distress who ALWAYS manages to get captured 
The greedy one who wears yellow and purple 
The dinosaur pal of the plumbers 
The original damsel in distress. She first appeared in Donkey Kong and was simply called 'Lady' 
The princess of Sarasaland whom was rescued from Tatanga in Super Mario Land 
The tall, lanky one who wears purple and black 
The standard enemy in the Mario universe. They resemble walking mushrooms 
The enemy that looks like a turtle. Their shells come in a variety of colors, usually red and green 
The subspecies of Koopas that fly atop clouds and throw spiked 
The servants of Princess Peach who have spotted heads that come in many colors 
The minions of Bowser who are... bombs. When you get near them they detonate 
A... thing that spits eggs out of its mouth. Its gender is unknown 
The Legend of Zelda
The main protagonist of the series. A Hylian boy with a sword and a shield 
The princess of Hyrule. All princesses in the royal bloodline are given the same name 
The king of evil with magical powers. He has a beast form and a human form and is the main antagonist of the series 
The dark form of the main hero. He first appeared in Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 
Also known as the Wind Mage. His most common form is a black orb with a single eye 
Our hero's trusty steed. She is first found as a young horse at Lon Lon Ranch 
The Goddess of Power 
The Goddess of Courage 
The Goddess of Wisdom 
He is considered to be the Father of the Forest. He watches over the Kokiri 
An incredibly annoying fairy who continually shouts the phrases 'Hey' 'Listen' and 'Watch out!' 
A member of the Twili. She is he hero's sidekick in Twilight Princess 
A thirty-five year old man who is obsessed with forest faries.  
A travelling merchant who sells the hero numerous items to aid him in his quest. 
An enemy that starts firing rocks when the player approaches 
An electric mouse Pokemon. It has red pouches on its cheeks that store electricity 
The male protagonist in Pokemon Red, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen. Also the final boss in Gold, Silver, Crystal, and their remakes 
The male protagonist in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver 
A rival in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. You also help him catch his first Pokemon. 
The professor in Red, Blue, and Yellow. He gives the player their first Pokemon 
A legendary bird Pokemon known as the Diving Pokemon. It is also the Guardian of the Sea 
A Mud Fish Pokemon. It is a water type and is one of the three starters in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald 
An aquatic Pokemon that can survive in fresh and salt waters. It is unattractive looking but evolves into a beautiful creature. They are extremely rare 
Known as the Seafaring Pokemon. This Pokemon must be traded in from the Pokemon Ranger games in order to obtain it 
The evolve form of Togetic. It is known as the Jubilee Pokemon. It can only be obtained with a Shiny Stone 
A fearless bounty hunter who is the protagonist of this series. 
A dragon-like extraterrestrial who is the most common nemesis of in the series. He is revived multiple times by the Space Pirates despite being killed many times. 
The dragon-like creature from above reformed by the Space Pirates. He is now similar to a robot. 
A cold, artificial intelligence created by the Chozo.She turned against them when the Space Pirates invaded Zebes. 
The dark version of our hero. It cannot live without phazon. 
A three-eyed green reptillian and is one of the largest enemies in the series. He shoots missles from his stomach. 
A parasitic life form that bears the name of the franchise. 
Semi-spherical mollusks with spikes on their backs. They can walk up walls. 
Bat-like creatures. They have the ability to use their wings as pinchers and shovels 
These creatures are hunter-scavengers. They attack in a wave-like flying pattern. 
The main protagonist of the franchise. He is a pink blob who has the power to copy his enemies abilities. 
The self-proclaimed ruler of Dreamland. He resembles a bird-like creature and is dressed in red royal finery 
A major character who constantly switches between hero and villain. He carries a large sword and has a purple cape. 
The main inhabitants of Dream Land. They are the most common regular enemy. They have no real form of attacking and usually walk around peacefully. 
Characters similar to the one above. The only difference is that they have one large eye and shoot beams. 
A friendly hamster. He is an animal friend and is most helpful on land. 
A friendly blob of dark matter. He is the protagonist's best friend. 
A giant bird who occasionally appears as a boss. She has rainbow colored feathers and red and blue feathers around her eyes. 
A yellow version of the hero. He first appeared in Kirby's Dream Course. 
The prince of Patch Land. He is light blue in color. 
Star Fox
The main character. He is an expert pilot. His father was James McCloud. 
A friend of the main hero who resembles a falcon. He often joins and leaves the team throughout the series. 
A longtime friend of the hero. He serves as the inventor of the Star Fox team.  
A member of the original Star Fox team. He frequently gives instructions and advice throughout the games. 
The leader of Star Wolf. He is the rival of the main character. 
A chameleon who is a member of Star Wolf. He is one of only two characters who has stayed with the team since Star Fox 64. 
His first appearance was in Star Fox: Assault and is a member of Star Wolf. His signature symbol is a red rose. 
This character first appeared in Star Fox Adventures. She is the possible sole survivor of her home planet. She wears a blue catsuit and ankle high boots. 
A recurring villain in the series. He is the primary antagonist in some of the games. Before the series, he was a scientist. 
The commander-in-chief of the Cornerian Defense Force. In Star Fox: Assault he comes near to death. 
An accomplished F-Zero pilot and renowned bounty hunter 
Respected M.D. who participated in the races following the deaths of his father 
Rumored to be a notorious contract killer who aggressively drives the circuits 
Boss of a group of bandits who reside in Red Canyon 
This cyborg participates in races to test his IQ and intellect 
A nearly identical clone of the main character who was created to ruin his reputation 
The 'King of Evil' who wants revenge on the main character for arresting a witch doctor who gave him his powers 
She dedicated her F-Zero career to her father, who died 
Introduced to F-Zero racing after impressing the Arrows on his home planet 
An alien from a world that are required to watch his races 
Donkey Kong
The tie wearing ape who is the main protagonist of the series 
The hero's sidekick. He wears a red hat with a Nintendo logo  
She has the ability to float be twirling her hair. 
The elderly, ill-tempered ape, known for his scathing and fourth-wall breaking commentary 
A lowland gorilla weighing about 2,000 pounds. He is somewhat of a coward 
A Sumatran orangutan. He is a distant member of the Kong family. His weapon of choice is the Grape Shooter. 
She has blonde hair and pigtails. She wears a beanie hat, blue overalls, a white T-shirt, and white shoes. 
She provides various hints for the heroes throughout the game. In Donkey Kong 64 she provided instruments to use against the Kremlings 
An entrepreneur Kong who usually hosts mini-games. 
An infant gorilla. He first appeared in Donkey Kong Country 3 as one of the playable characters. 
Fire Emblem
A heroic prince, who was forced to flee his home kingdom of Altea after it was attacked. 
He is the son of marquess Eliwood of Pherae. He was chosen to be the next king of Pherae. 
The son of Commander Greil of the Greil Mercenaries. 
She was born in the Sacaen Plains. Her parents were killed by a group of bandits. 
The daughter of King Fado. She is a competent swordfighter. 

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