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Can you name the animals based on when and where they were first domesticated?

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Date First Domesticated (Location of OriAnimalPurpose
15,000 B.C. (East Asia)Hunting, shepherding, herding, companionship, pest control, meat, transportation
Between 11,000 B.C. and 9,000 B.C. (Southwest Asia)Wool, meat, milk, leather, vellum
9,000 B.C. (Near East, China)Meat, leather, companionship
8,000 B.C. (Iran)Milk, meat
8,000 B.C. (India, Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa)Meat, milk, leather, muscle, vellum, transportation, soil fertilization
8,000 B.C. (India)Meat, milk, leather, muscle, vellum, transportation, soil fertilization
7,500 B.C. (Near East)Pest control, companionship, meat
6,000 B.C. (India and Southeast Asia)1st for sport then later for utility, such as meat, eggs and feathers and companionship
5,000 B.C. (Peru)Meat, companionship
5,000 B.C. (Egypt)Transportation, muscle, meat
4,000 B.C. (China)Meat/fat
4,000 B.C. (India, ChinaMuscle, meat, milk
4,000 B.C. (Multiple Places)Honey, pollination
4,000 B.C. (Eurasian Steppes)Meat, transportation, muscle, milk
4,000 B.C. (Arabia)Transportation, muscle, milk, meat
3,000 B.C. (China)Silk
3,000 B.C. (Russia)Meat, milk, muscle, antlers
3,000 B.C. (Mediterranean Basin)Show, messenger, meat
3,000 B.C. (Egypt)Meat/fat, feathers, guarding
2,500 B.C. (Tibet)Milk, muscle, meat, wool
2,500 B.C. (Central Asia)Milk, transportation, meat
2,400 B.C. (Peru)Transportation, muscle, meat
2,400 B.C. (Peru)Milk, transportation, wool, meat
2,400 B.C. (Africa)Meat, eggs
2,000 B.C. (Pakistan)Muscle, transportation
Date First Domesticated (Location of OriAnimalPurpose
1,500 B.C. (Europe)Hunting, companionship
1,100 B.C. (China)Muscle, transportation
1,000 B.C. (Mediterranean Basin)Meat, antlers
700-600 B.C. (South America)Show, feathers, meat
500 B.C. (India)Show
500 B.C. (North Africa)Show,
Unknown (Southeast Asia, Java Island)Meat, milk, muscle
Unknown (Southeast Asia, China)Meat, muscle
Unknown (China)Meat, fat
180 A.D. (Mexico, United States)Meat, feathers
180 A.D. (Mexico, Amazon Basin)Honey
300-400 A.D. (China)Companionship
600 A.D. (Europe)Meat, fur, felt, companionship
1,000-1,500 A.D. (Europe)No specific purpose
1,100-1,900 A.D. (Japan)Meat
1,200-1,500 A.D. (Europe, East Asia)Meat, show
1,600 A.D. (Canary Islands. Europe)Companionship
1,800's (United Kingdom)Companionship
1,800's (Europe)Fur
1,850's (Europe)Companionship
1,870's (Europe)Companionship
1,900's (Australia)Companionship
1,930's (Syria)Companionship, research
1,950's (Soviet Union)Fur, research
1,960's (United States)Muscle, meat, milk

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