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DescriptionFranchise / Series / GameMain Character(s) / Mascot
A portly Italian plumber continually sets out to rescue a damsel in distress
A teenage Hylian has the task of saving the world from various villains, includint a pig-like creature
Your ultimate goal is to catch 'em all
An intergallactic bounty hunter risks her life to defeat the Space Pirates
Pick your favorite Nintendo character and fight to the death
A fighter pilot's adventures in the Lylat System
A series of futuristic racing games
A pink puff ball saves Dream Land with the ability to copy his enemies powers
Nintendo's first big hit stars a tie wearing ape. It eventually became its own series
Two child eskimoes climb many frozen mountains
Live your own life. Go fishing, build friendships... and pay off your loan
Nintendo's first handheld devices featured many simplistic games and had a completely flat person as the main character
A normal boy with PSI powers journeys to save the world using common items as weapons
It wasn't until the seventh game in the series that America got this to play
A series of fantasy role-playing games who follow the story of magically gifted adepts
Nintendo's first new franchise in a while. Take control of a space pilot and command tiny creatures
Care for your own virtual dog on the Nintendo DS
Race on high powered jet skis and even a dolphin
A franchise that is finally getting an update. It stars an angel boy who eventually battles Medusa
Control many different types of flying machines, including a rocketbelt
Take control of a man with balloons strapped to his back and try to pop your enemies' balloons
The first location here is called C-Island. You use weapons very similar to the weapons in Earthbound
You play as a fish name Bubbles trying to find all of the golden ingots in a maze
DescriptionFranchise / Series / GameMain Character(s) / Mascot
Shred some snow while using button combinations to perfrom a variety of tricks and stunts
This series is unique. It is restricted to being only on one system. Some games in the series have you exercising, playing music, various sports, and playing party games
Use the NES Zapper to shoot those ducks. You can try to shoot the dog, but to no avail
The series R.O.B. was featured in. There were only two games in this series
Build your own tiny robots and then battle with them.
A series of turn-based games. You are the Commanding Officer of your country, and you are victorious when you defeat the opposing country.
In these games you must complete many puzzles too see if your brain is young or old.
The story of a young girl and the search for her parents. She recieves help from a ghost she befriends name D.
Set in Japan, you play as Saki, and must stop the Armed Volunteers.
A character from an already established franchise branches off and creates his own series. You play a variety of short minigames, or 'microgames'
You play as a tiny robot who does housework for a family called the Sandersons
The adventures of a dinosaur on an island full of... dinosaurs! Ocassionally he has his baby pals along with him
A puzzle series that has you breaking blocks to reveal hidden shapes. There was recently a 3-D game released for the DS
A very old series released on the NES. It had you playing many different sports such as baseball, tennis, soccer, or even ice hockey
The first game in this series was on the NES. You controlled a motorist that could perform wheelies and jumps. It also had a level editor. It has had many recent revisions includin
A 'marine platform' series. It stars a tiny yellow star and you are usually in the water.
Play as a diminutive boxer who must rise through the ranks of the World Video Boxing Association.
Race as your favorite Mario character in these action packed games.
Party it up with your favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom
Play many music oriented mini-games. The first one was for Game Boy and only released in Japan
You play as a young girl whose father is ambushed by the Skullkers. She must set out to retrieve the Red Diamond that they stole
The story of a mole whose wife and children have been stolen by a farmer named Jinbe. He must make his way through puzzle based levels to save them

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