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Can you name the Megaman powers (Megaman Powered Up and Megaman 2-10)?

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Robot MasterPowerHint
Cut ManGet beat by Rock and Roll
Guts ManSuperman!
Ice ManThe icy version of robot 54
Fire ManFire in the Sky
Elec ManBeam me up
Time ManSsssllllooooowwwww Ddddooooowwwwnnnn
Oil ManSliding in the Gulf
Metal ManMore like a saw blade...
Air ManNot quite an Air cannon...
Bubble ManA bubble made in china
Quick ManA speedy australian
Crash ManMilitary explosive dropper accident?
Flash ManFREEZE! Everybody clap your hands
Heat ManAtoms on fire!
Wood ManThis leaf will protect me!
Needle ManSew- a needle pulling cannon
Magnet ManA North Pole seeking missile
Gemini ManLasers are good gifts for those born between May 21 and June 20
Hard ManHardball that you punch
Top ManThe key to winning at tennis
Snake ManAlong with Solid Snake and Liquid Snake
Spark Man Shocking sparks!
Shadow ManThe blade that was never seen...
Bright ManWhat should've robot 13's power
Toad ManA good hand in poker, if your playing on a stormy day
Drill ManDo NOT bring this if your mining.
Robot MasterPowerHint
Pharaoh ManA 4000 year old shot
Ring ManIf you put a ring on it, it will always come back to you
Dust ManNothing like compact dust in the morning
Dive ManA good weapon to have if you get a bad score while diving
Skull ManIf you hang around skulls, a barrier will not protect you
Gravity Man'Hold me' in space
Wave ManAs apposed to a fire wave
Stone ManThis stone needs more POWER
Gyro ManWhen nerd toys attack
Star ManA shooting star that actually hits Earth
Charge ManWhen regular kicks don't get the job done
Napalm ManI don't think you even need the bomb to make this destructive
Crystal ManForget glass eye, this is way better
Blizzard ManWhen its cold outside, you knock the wind out of me
Centaur Man Do Centaurs even have anything to flash?
Flame ManAlmost sounds like a pokemon move
Knight ManMore effective than crushing dust
Plant ManIf leafs didn't protect you, what makes you think plants will?
Tomahawk ManWhy don't indians sell these for money?
Wind Man Like the one that hit my city a few years ago
Yamato ManI don't even know what makes this spear special
Freeze ManA black cop yelling at a white criminal
Junk ManSurround yourself with useless junk
Burst ManDo not order this at Subway
Cloud ManThis is a move in pokemon as well
Spring ManTame that coil of yours!
Slash ManWhat claws were meant to do
Robot MasterPowerHint
Shade ManI will crush you with amplified sound
Turbo ManPeeling out just a little too much
Tengu ManYea, like you can hold a tornado
Astro ManSpace can be crushing
Sword ManThe best weapon in Kirby 64
Clown ManWhy would a clown have that?
Search ManThis would be the best weapon in COD
Frost ManRobot 34's weapon below 32 degrees
Granade ManI think this is a weapon in COD:MW2
Aqua ManAqua Man is going back to childhood
Concrete ManIt is concrete, not C. shot!
Tornado ManDon't think of this one sexually either!
Splash WomanPoseidon just entered the 21st century
Plug ManLike when extension wires get mixed up
Jewel ManI thought satellites were made of metal...
Hornet ManI normally get chase by hornets, not the other way around
Magma ManEventually, scientists will make one of these, and everyone will be to afraid to go to war
Galaxy ManThere was a hint here, but it was pulled into a black hole
Blade Man3 blades for the price of one
Pump ManLeafs didn't work, Plants didn't work, now your trying water?
Commando ManA bomb that'll blow your underpants off (and that's it)
Chill ManI don't know how to make spikes out of chill
Sheep ManIf sheep worked like this, they would be the most fearsome animal ever
Strike Mancombining Baseball and Basketball
Nitro ManA metal blade that rolls
Solar ManLike a flair, but it lasts much longer

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