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The main character is:
Who's best friend is:
Who dragged Scott out to look for:
Which was the body of:
Who's brother is:
Who is a:
Werewolves are hunted by:
The leader of the Argents is:
Who's son is:
Who is married to:
Who's daughter is:
Who dated:
Allison's best friend was:
Who is a:
She was turned by:
She was dating:
Who was the:
And was being controlled by:
And was best friends with:
Who was arrested for:
Danny knows Derek as:
The pack found out the alpha was:
Who killed:
Who burned down the:
Peter was killed by:
Who became the:
The first beta Derek turned was:
In Season 3 he dated:
The second beta Derek turned was:
Who had a disease called:
The third beta Derek turned was:
Who's first name was:
Who worked at the:
The new pack that came in Season 3 was called the:
Who's leader was:
Who was:
The girl alpha was named:
The twin alphas were:
Ethan dated:
Aiden dated:
The other boy alpha was:
The beacon for the supernatural is called the:
Which is made powerful by making:
The sacrifices were made by:
Who's real name was:
She was the:
Which means:
And is the evil form of a:
Which, in Gaelic, means:
In Season 3B the new girl was named:
Who was a:
Which is a:
The evil form of the kitsune is the:
Who used the body of:
Stiles decided to go to:
There he met:
Who's father was:
Her original last name was:
She dated:
Allison Argent was killed by:
Scott eventually became an:
His first beta was:
The pack was now being attacked by:
Who were controlled by:
The supernatural hit list was called:
It was written by the:
Who turned out to be:
Who was a:
True or False: Teen Wolf is the best show ever:

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