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The greek titan he hold the earth
more name 'Sasquatch'
Half human Half horse
One eyed giant
Fire serpent
Hairy norse warrior
Spirit of nature
Winged spirit
Spirit of dead time
Half goat half human (roman)
Human in the lamp
Big human creature
Earth elemental
flying sheep of jason
jewish humanoid statue
Snake haired woman
Room thief spirit
Half lion half eagle
Nine headed serpent
Celtic horse spirit
Gargantuan octopus
Irish rainbow spirit
more name 'Nessie'
Scorpion tailed talking lion
Half woman half fish
Half man half fish
Hald human half bull
Gaia is a:
Nine girls in the greek myth
African cryptid likes hyena
Mediaval european ugly giant
D&D's Green warrior
Two headed dog
Flying horse
Fire bird
Small winged creature
more name 'Water dragon'
Sing lures of death
Florida's cryptid
Woman headed lion
Whale eating eagle
Ugly spirit
Father monster of zeus
One horned horse
Winged warrior woman
Blood sucking demon
Human he looking on full moon
Ugly woman she flying on broom
Other name 'magician'
Abonimable snowman

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