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I made sure i got all of them
Played Bug in Starship
Played Harry in AVPM/S
Played Hermione in AVPM/S
Played Taz in Starship
Played Umbridge in AVPS
Played Superman in HMB
Played Candy in HMB
Co-wrote all productions
Played Robin in HMB and also co-wrote all productions
Played Quirrell in AVPM
Played Mega-Girl in Starship
Played Pincer in Starship
Played Sherlock Holmes in HMB
Played Specs in Starship
Played Alfred in HMB
I made sure i got all of them
Played Sweet Tooth in HMB
Played Cedric in AVPM
Played Firenze in AVPS
Played Rick in MAMD
Played Dean Thomas in AVPS
Played Roach in Starship
Played Febuary in Starship
Played Weenie in MAMD
Played Joey's Heart in MAMD
Played Cho Chang in AVPM/S
Played Sallys Heart in MAMD
Played The Old Snatch in MAMD
Played Snape IN AVPM/S
Played Lavender Brown in AVPM/S

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