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Can you name the 33 European Languages in danger of extinction according ro 1993 UNESCO Languages in Danger report?

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Place where spokenEndangered language
Końćevje in Slovenia
Lviv in Russia
Galicia in Ukraine
Arjeplog County in Sweden
Arvidsjaur County in Sweden
West of St Petersburg in Russia
Deliorman in Bulgaria
Issime in Italy
Kavala in Greece
Leonidio in Greece
Isle of Man (UK)
Courland in Latvia
Champagne in France
Lapland in Finland
Mount Ucka in Croati
Calabria in Italy
Place where spokenEndangered language
Lapland in Finland
Vilhelmia in Norway/Sweden
Umba in Russia
Lower Saxony in Germany
Guernsey (UK)
Jersey (UK)
Campobasso in Italy
Besancon in France
Schleswig-Holstein in Germany
La Gaume in Belgium
Bourgogne in France
Lower Brittany in France
Upper Brittany in France
Limousin in France
Nord-Pas-de-Calais in France
Auvergne in France

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