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Can you name the info about the movie Groundhog Day?

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What is the name of the movie Phil and his date go see?
He goes to the movie dressed as a...?
Phil lists off the ways he has died and claims to be...?
Who makes noises like a chipmunk when she gets real excited?
What does Rita always drink to?
What is the name of the camera man?
Who plays Phil Connors?
The film was directed by this Ghostbusters cast mate?
Rita studied what in college?
What is the name of Phil's waitress in the diner?
What year did the film come out?
What is Rita's favorite ice cream?
Phil is employed as a...?
WPBH-TV9 is located in what city?
Seneca is the largest of these lakes in West-Central New York.
What is Phil's sister's name?
What are the names of the bank truck workers?
What is the name of the bed and breakfast proprietor?
'...and don't forget your ______ 'cuz it's cold out there today!'
When Phil meets a girl in the Virgin Islands he claims they made love like what?
Who hates his life and wishes he had stayed in the Navy?
In which spot in town do the groundhog festivities take place?
'We better get going if we're...'
Who did the whistling belly button trick at the high school talent show?
What song does Phil wake up to each day?
How much does the old lady pay for a day with the camera man?
What is the name of the town in which the festival is held?
Phil learns to play what instrument?
How much does Phil pay to learn said instrument?
How many years in a row has Phil been off to see the groundhog?
What is the name of the song that strikes up when you get to the festival?
Phil gets tickets to what event for the newlyweds?

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