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What late night talk show does Kevin watch?
What song does Kevin lip sync in the bathroom?
What does Kevin purchase 'for the kids' in the grocery store?
What's the name of the kid who tries to stop Kevin from shoplifting?
What's the name of the movie Uncle Frank won't let Kevin watch?
Name the pizza company that delivers to the McCallister's home.
The film came out in what year?
What airline does the family fly out on?
How old is Kevin?
Where is the polka band headed?
What time do the thieves plan on returning to the McCallister's home?
What actress plays Kevin's mother?
What does Santa Claus give Kevin?
What is the McCallister's address?
The criminal masterminds refer to themselves as?
'When I grow up and get married, I'm ________ ________!'
What song does the children's choir sing when Kevin visits the church?
What is the name of the polka band?
Where are the McCallister's headed for Christmas?
What's the name of Kevin's elderly neighbor?
This sibling of Macaulay Culkin plays Fuller.
What is the name of the gangster who demands payment from Johnny?
'I'm gonna give you to the count of ten to get your ugly, yellow, no good keaster off my property before I ____ _____ ____ ____ ___ _____.'
Who directed the film?
The original score was composed by whom?
Kevin freaks out in the beginning of the film because his aunt tells him to do what?
What is the name of Kevin's older brother who inquires about the under arms of French babes?
The thieves chase Kevin into what family's home?
While Kevin is eating rubbish, what brand name chips are sitting next to him?
What are the names of the thieves?
How many people are in the house...and Kevin's the only one that has to make trouble?
Gus, a member of the polka band, once left one of his kids at a .......?
What is the total bill on the pizza order for the whole family?
What does Kevin tell his family he got when he went out shopping? (Looking for three items here)
What was Kevin in the garage playing with that angered his parents?

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