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Can you name the facts about Shaun of the Dead?

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Who directed the film?
'We're coming to get you _______!'
What's the name of the pub where they seek refuge?
What's the name of the 'girl in the garden'?
What does Ed want Shaun to buy him at the shop?
What is Shaun's childhood nickname used by his mother?
Shaun's girlfriend's name is?
What song do Shaun and Ed sing as they leave the pub?
What can't dogs do?
What movie soundtrack album do they throw at a zombie?
What's the name of Shaun's step-dad?
What's the name of Shaun and Ed's roommate?
Ed purposefully crashed his roommate's car in order to drive what kind of car?
What Queen song plays at the pub?
Who are Shaun's girlfriend's best friends?
What's the name of Shaun's friend who arrives with the British Army?
'You've got ____ on you.'
Who portrays Shaun?
Who portrays Ed?
'They were a bit... _____.'
What 'word' aren't they using?
Shaun of the Dead features many visual references, cast members and inside jokes from what British television series?
What band is trying to raise awareness for a charity called Zomb-Aid?
Where does Shaun keep Ed chained?
What's the name of the shopkeeper?
Which Producer/Writer/Director's work was referenced time and again in Shaun of the Dead?
Name one of two ways to kill a zombie according to the newscaster.

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