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Can you name the characters and other sweet information from Pushing Daisies?

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Who created Pushing Daisies?
This show, by the same creator, had the most crossover characters/actors on Pushing Daisies.
The original concept of Pushing Daisies was rooted from what other television show?
The series pilot was entitled?
How long can someone remain alive before someone must die?
What is the name of Ned's business?
Where is Ned from?
What is Ned's dog's name?
Who does Ned unwittingly kill when he brings his mother back to life?
Charlotte Charles goes by what nickname?
Charlotte wanted to make an addition to the menu. What item did she create?
Emerson's nickname for Charlotte is what?
What is the title of the book Emerson is working on?
In the nunnery, Emerson goes by what alias?
The Aunts suffer from what phobia?
The Aunts performed as an aquatic duo called?
Lily Charles, the eye patch wearing aunt, is played by whom?
This musical actress portrayed one of Charlotte's aunts?
Olive used to be a...before becoming a waitress at Ned's shop?
Olive sang what Bangles song in the episode 'Comfort Food'?
At the end of the series, Olive opens a restaurant dedicated to what?
What amazing actress portrayed Olive Snook?
What comes rushing out of Kentucky Fitz's dead again mouth?
In the episode Frescorts, Randy Mann has a jar labeled 'Joe.' What is inside the jar?
This Glee cast member appeared as Elsa and Elsita in the episode 'Pigeon.'
Ned's competition, Dilly Balsam the proprietor of a saltwater-taffy emporium, is played by whom?
Oscar Vibenius, a former olfactory expert who works for the Dept. of Water and Power, is played by whom?
The outstanding original score was composed by?
Who was the narrator of Pushing Daisies?
How many seasons did Pushing Daisies last before it was horrifically taken off the air?
What horrible network cancelled this show?

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