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Can you name the info about the Three Amigos?

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What is the name of the film studio the Amigos work for?
'Son of a motherless ______'
Steve Martin plays what character?
What is the name of the damsel in distress?
What is the name of the villain?
What is the going rate to save a village?
The tiny village in danger is called?
What nationality are the arms dealers?
How many piƱatas does the villain have at his birthday?
The Singing Bush is voiced by?
Who does Dusty accidentally shoot and kill?
The villain receives what gift from his henchmen?
Ned Nederlander is portrayed by?
What song do the Amigos entertain with in the cantina?
When you are 'more than famous', you are...?
What do the Amigos dine on during their campout?
Instead of water, what does Dusty offer his friends in the desert?
The Three Amigos came out in what year?
Lucky gets ticked off because the bandits are using what?
'Can I have your ______ when you are dead?'
Who plays Dusty Bottoms?
What do the townsfolk do really well?
The villain's sidekick is named?
What song do the Amigos sing around the campfire?
At the cantina they don't have beer, but they do have...?

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