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Can you name the characters and sensitive information from the TV series Alias?

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What alias does Sydney use at the beginning of season 1?
Sydney's sister, Nadia, is also known as?
Jack Bristow is played by whom?
As an employee of SD-6, Sydney worked at what bank as a cover?
'Wrong number,' is how Sydney would respond when this restaurant called her for a CIA mission.
This number was recurrent throughout the series.
This director played McKenas Cole in a two part episode of Alias.
How many seasons did Alias run?
A major plotline of the series was the search for and recovery of artifacts created by?
Sydney's partner for the first few seasons is?
Sydney was kidnapped by a terrorist organization called?
Said terrorist organization tried to brainwash Sydney into thinking she was an assassin named?
Vaughn's wife was named?
The new division dubbed 'APO' stands for what?
The twelve leaders of this organization were killed by Kelly Peyton in the series finale.
Sydney's best gal pal was named?
Sydney's best guy friend was named?
While at SD-6, Sydney had to answer to this man?
After Sydney's mysterious 2 year disapperance, she awakens in what city?
This was designed to identify and train children as sleeper agents to become future spies.
Sydney's murdered fiance was named?
This character was played by David Anders.
This fictional crime organization was headquartered in St. Petersburg.
Sydney Bristow was played by whom?
This woman is a former Russian spy and mother to Sydney.

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