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Can you name the Buffy the vampire slayer characters?

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Forced Order
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'I never said I'm not going to ever slay another vampire it's not like I have any fluffy bunny feelings for them I'm just not going to get real extracurricular about it'
the one that sees everything
broke a yellow crayon
has an amazing singing voice
Drucilla syered him
was born in Ireland
hates bunnies
'get out get out get out!'
gets it on with giles because of magic candy
May Queen
her family thought she was a deamon like her mother
Buffys man in uniform
has a magic bone
makes a documentary about buffy the slayer of the vampiers (vampires said in an old English way)
getts flayed alive
'five by five'
sees stars in the sky when shes inside
syers Angelus
Cordelias bestfriend at school
makes Buffy Willow and Xander enter the talent contest
gets eaten by students
his mother was the owner of spikes coat
gambles for kittens with Spike
kills Buffy the first time
works for the Master
gets chopped in two by Buffy
a rat
man and deamon
Faiths new watcher
claims she is Rileys mother
has a bad perm
the human side of a god
Willows new slayer girlfriend
Finns friend then an experiment
Finns friend
Faiths father figure
has her neck broken by Angelus
owns mr pointy
Anyas bestfriend
buffy makes a show of him to the potential slayers
mayors henchman
owns a bar
knew Giles before he was a watcher
calls Willow strawberry
Anyas boss
Anyas exboyfriend
Buffys dad
anyone dead
alphabet eyes

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