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Can you name the Mortal Instruments Characters?

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Elegant, beautiful: long red hair, old scars from the past...looks much like her daughter.
Dark brown hair. Eyes change from a rich brown to pitch black. Mark of Cain on forehead.
Curly red hair, green eyes, freckles, considered delicate, thin, etc. Looks like her mother.
Very tall and very thin, spiky black hair. Trademarks include glitter and lipstick. Possibly Asian, gold-green cat-like eyes, no belly-button.
Naturally white/silver-colored hair. Black eyes, looks much like his father.
Short black hair, big blue eyes, very tall, very pale.
Very beautiful and tall, big black eyes, long flowing hair.
Curly brown hair, light brown skin (like toast) and amber eyes.
Fine, wavy dark, golden-blond hair and dark gold eyes. Slim, muscular build, very tall. Angular face, body covered in silver scars.
Tall and handsome, broad shouldered and silver-colored hair.

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