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Can you name the novels and short stories by Herman Melville?

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The main character fought in Battle of Bunker Hill
Melville's 'philosophical' work
My name is Ishmael
Another whaling novel, this time to Tahiti
Spontaneous combustion
Melville's last major novel
Melville's account of his captivity on Nuka Hiva
Melville's account aboard the USS United States
He never leaves the office, and is imprisoned at the Tombs
This work describes Melville's home at Arrowhead
He 'still travels in storm-time, and drives a brave trade with the fears of man.'
The only short story in this collection of tales not to be published Putnam's Monthly
Features the ships the Bachelor's Delight and the San Dominick
Consists of ten 'Sketches' of the Galapagos Islands
This short story closes with 'And so pride went before the fall'

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