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Information:Family Name:
A widespread and wealthy family of the Shire
Found in both the Shire and Bree
Apparently found in the Yale, Overhill, and other areas surrounding Hobbiton
An old and wealthy family of Fallohide origin living primarily in Budgeford
A family of hobbits living in Hardbottle and possibly other areas of the Shire
An important family of Fallohide origin that founded and was primarily found in the Buckland
Found in both the Shire and Bree. The name means 'badger house' and referred to the similarity between hobbit holes and badger dwellings
Working class Shire hobbits
Information:Family Name:
Shire hobbits whose name may refer to brown hair
Shire hobbits whose name may refer to brown hair
Hobbits of the Shire. The name likely referred to their underground dwellings
Shire hobbits who may have been wealthy
Shire hobbits found primarily in Bywater. The name derives not from the plant, but from 'cottage-town'
The descendants of Elanor Gardner. The name means 'fair-born' and was meant by Tolkien to imply the good looks and blond hair of the family
Family of Ropers
Ropers and ancestors of the Gammidge family
Information:Family Name:
The name taken by Sam Gamgee later in his life and passed down to his descendants
Family of gardeners living in Hobbiton
Hobbits of the Shire. The name is related to the verb 'grub', meaning to dig or root around
Shire hobbits primarily found in the Southfarthing. The name was derived from an old family occupation.
Hobbits of Bree and possibly the Shire. The name likely refers to their dwellings
Hobbits of the Shire. The name was intended to be without any clear meaning rather than a reference to larvae
Hobbits of Bree. The name refers to a type of plant
Hobbits of the Shire. The name may be a reference to family pride in having exceptionally large and furry feet
Information:Family Name:
Working class hobbits of Hobbiton and possibly other parts of the Shire. The name no longer had any particular meaning by the time of The Lord of the Rings
Wealthy hobbit family of the Shire
Working class hobbits of the Shire. One Sandyman family ran the Hobbiton mill
A wealthy family who held the Thainship. The name had no specific meaning
Hobbits of Bree and the Shire. The Shire branch may have been named for the area below Hobbiton hill
Somewhat prominent family of Shire hobbits. Mayor of the Shire during the War of the Ring. The name means 'white foot'

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