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QUIZ: Can you name the Top 100 Comics According to The Comics Journal?

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1George Herriman
2Charles Schulz
3Walt Kelly
4Art Spiegelman
5Winsor McCay
6Jules Feiffer
7Carl Barks
8Harvy Kurtzman
9Justin Green
10R. Crumb
11E.C. Segar
12Harvey Kurtzman
13Jaime Hernandez
14Gilbert Hernandez
15Will Eisner
16Art Spiegelman & Francoise Mouly
17Chris Ware
18Cliff Sterret
19R. Crumb
20Carl Banks
21Peter Arno
22Jaime Hernandez
23Milton Caniff
24Jaime Hernandez
25Roy Crane
26Harvey Kurtzman
27Joe Sacco
28Kim Deitch
29Frank King
30Jack Kirby & Stan Lee
31Gilbert Hernandez
32Jack Cole
33Chester Gould
34Al Hirschfeld
35Steve Ditko & Stan Lee
36Bill Watterson
37Garry Trudeau
38Chester Brown
39Pat Oliphant
40Lyonel Feininger
41Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell
42Daniel Clowes
43Edward Gorey
44Gilbert Shelton & Paul Mavrides
45Pau Karasik & David Mazzucchelli
46Dave McKean
47Peter Bagge
48James Thurber
49Scott McCloud
50Jules Feiffer
51Eddie Campbell
54Al Feldstein
55Jim Woodring
56Ben Katchor
57Will Eisner
58Charles Addams
59John Stanley
60V.T. Hamilton
61Harvey Pekar
62Harold Gray
63Harvey Kurtzman
64Harvey Kurtzman & Bill Elder
65George McManus
66Bill Griffith
67Saul Steinberg
68Crockett Johnson
69Lynd Ward
70Gary Panter
71Jim Woodring
72David Mazzucchelli
73Larry Gonick
74Lynda Barry
75Charles Burns
76Bernard Krigstein & Al Feldstein
77Al Capp
78Sheldon Mayer
79C.C. Beck
80R. Crumb
81Debbie Drechsler
82Daniel Clowes
83Alan Moore & David Lloyd
84Kyle Baker
85Bill Mauldin
86Howard Cruse
87George Price
88Jack Kirby
89Spain Rodriguez
90Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean
91Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
92Alan Moore & Don Simpson
93Hank Ketcham
94Basil Wolverton
95Jack Jackson
96Julie Doucet
97Carol Tyler
98Billy DeBeck
99Harry Tuthill
100Hal Foster

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