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Can you name the titles shared by unrelated movies?

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In one...TitleIn the other...
Holly Hunter likes car wrecksMatt Dillon doesn't
Carole Lombard's marriage is on the rocksSo is Angelina Jolie's
Dev Anand is a cabbie who rescues a damsel in distressSo is Robert De Niro
Jamaal Woolard is sipping on private stockClaude Rains's private stock is actually uranium
Jon Hall is jailed in TahitiDenzel Washington is jailed in New Jersey
Joan Crawford loves Clark GableJoan Crawford loves Van Heflin
Gwyneth Paltrow is handsome, clever, and richMarie Dressler is humble, selfless, and homely
Harold Lloyd tries to emulate his movie heroMatthew Broderick works as gofer his movie hero
Jodie Foster wants her dog backMichel Ray wants his bull back
In one...TitleIn the other...
Warren Beatty tries to get into the Super BowlDon Ameche tries to get into Hell
A chimp wreaks havoc in a laboratoryThe Marx Brothers wreak havoc on a ship
Joaquin Phoenix is a dirty fighterLance Slaughter is a dirty fighter
Guilty for not stopping a rapeGuilty for stopping one
Harrison Ford is wrongly accused of murderHenry Fonda is correctly accused of being a priest
James Stewart delivers the mailJohn Travolta delivers a nuclear warhead
Kristen Stewart is a 17-year-old girl chased by vampiresReese Witherspoon is a 17-year-old girl chased by Paul Newman
Yoshiko Tanaka suffers from radiation sicknessAndy Garcia suffers from decapitation

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