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Can you name the tv shows, actors, or themes from Entertainment Weekly's 50 Biggest TV Blunders?

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25. What 1990 ABC show featured policemen and juries breaking out into absurd songs?
24. What language was spoken on the 1980 NBC show 'Pink Lady and Jeff'?
23. Surface, Threshold, and Invasion were all unsuccessful rip-offs of what ABC show?
22. What 2007 Fox reality show followed aspiring filmmakers and was executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett?
21. What 2003 Fox reality show spin-off was cancelled after one season?
20. Coy and Vance replaced Bo and Luke as ratings after a contract dispute on what show?
19. What show did NBC cancel in 1990 before it successfully went into syndication?
18. What Happy Days spin-off starring Scott Baio lasted only two seasons?
17. What Friends actor starred in the failed NBC show 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip'?
16. What 'West Wing' actor passed on the role of Dr. McDreamy?
15. What 2007 CBS reality show set 40 children into a New Mexico ghost town?
14. What character was added to the Brady Bunch before it was cancelled 6 episodes later?
13. What actor apologized for the game show 'You're in the Picture' after only one episode?
12. What did the 5 hosts of the 2008 Emmy Awards all have in common?
11. What SNL actor and basketball player both had unsuccessful late night talk shows?
10. What alternative football league lasted only one season in 2001?
9. What did Keri Russell do that caused ratings for 'Felicity' to tumble?
8. What game show did ABC air excessively in 2000 causing a burnout with viewers?
7. What 2003 show did NBC import from England and cancel after only 4 episodes?
6. What actor left NYPD Blue after one season to pursue an unsuccessful movie career?
5. UPN pulled the controversial show 'The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer' about what political figure's butler after 3 weeks?
4. What ABC show jumped the shark after their main characters David and Maddie finally had sex?
3. What ABC show featuring Geico Ad regulars was cancelled in 2007 after only 6 episodes?
2. What FOX cartoon was cancelled twice before finally being reborn in 2005?
1. What time (Eastern S.T.) was Jay Leno moved after his run on the tonight show before a rating fall was forced to move him back and remove Conan O'Brien?

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