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Who is the creator of the show?Easy
What is the main family's last name?Easy
Where do the Griffin's live?Easy
What is their address?Easy
Provide full names for: PeterEasy
Who is the family dog?Easy
Which character lives across the street?Easy
Which character lives at 29 Spooner Street?Easy
Which character lives at 33 Spooner Street?Easy
Who are the original anchors of the TV News team?Easy
Who is the BlaccuWeather reporter for the station?Easy
Who is the field reporter?Easy
What channel do they all work for?Easy
Who is the mayor of Quahog?Easy
Name one of Peter's occupationsEasy
What is Lois' occupation?Easy
What is Stewie's teddy bear's name?Easy
What bar do Peter and his friends frequent?Easy
What lives in Chris' closet?Easy
What is Peter's all-time favorite song?Easy
In what year did Family Guy premiere?Easy
What was the destination of the first roadtrip episode? 'Road to...'Easy
What musical number does Peter perform after scoring a touchdown?Easy
Who owns Quahog's Pharmacy?Easy
What movie trilogy is often parodied in the series?Easy
What is Peter's segment on the Evening News?Easy
What is Quagmire's occupation?Easy
How many times was the show cancelled?Easy
What kind of car does Brian drive? Easy
What TV character does Peter base a religion around?Medium
What is the name of the Giant Chicken?Medium
What is the inspiration for Peter's voice?Medium
What movie character is Chris' voice based on?Medium
What is the inspiration for Quagmire's voice?Medium
Who was the inspiration for Stewie's voice?Medium
What phrase is included in every episode?Medium
Name one of Peter's bossesMedium
Which two characters have the same voice?Medium
What were Stewie's first words?Medium
Who became the new News co-anchor in season nine?Medium
Name one of the bar ownersMedium
What is Brian's son's name?Medium
What is the name of the elite hotel in Quahog?Medium
Which of Peter's ancestor's founded Quahog?Medium
What is the name of the local Junior High School?Medium
What is the name of Chris and Meg's High School?Medium
What country artist is often used as a cutaway?Medium
What is wrong with Jake Tucker?Medium
What is the name of the family maid?Medium
Who is Brian's gay cousin?Medium
The opening of the theme song is an homage to what show?Medium
What is the name of the nightclub Brian, Stewie, and Frank Sinatra Jr. open?Medium
What happened to it?Medium
In what season did Bonnie Swanson finally give birth?Medium
What is the name of the 'performance artist?'Medium
What does Quagmire's father change his name to?Medium
What did Peter first experience when he was 30?Medium
What is the name of Brian's novel?Medium
What is the name of Brian's play?Medium
What does Peter call the skull he finds in his yard?Medium
What causes Peter to have a stroke?Medium
What does Brian's license plate say?Medium
Who is the manager of the Quahog Mini-Mart?Medium
Why does Ollie Williams only talk in short phrases?Hard
What cartoon character tattoo does Brian have?Hard
Who shot and paralyzed Joe Swanson?Hard
Three buildings appear in the distance behind Spooner Street. Name oneHard
What is Quagmire's secret to looking young?Hard
What was originally going to be a theme in every episode?Hard
When Brian is on mushrooms, why does he cut off his ear?Hard
What is the estimated population of Quahog?Hard
What is the Quahog zip code?Hard
What county is Quahog in?Hard
What birthmark persuades Tom Tucker to grow a mustache?Hard
How does Stewie's head get it's football shape?Hard
Meg's heart is not in the right place. Where is it?Hard
Name a musical instrument Peter can playHard
Where was Peter born?Hard
What was the name of Peter and Lois' musical duo?Hard
What is Peter's Twitter name?Hard
Name either of the 'Foreign guys who have been living in the United States almost long enough to sound American'Hard
Why is Seamus made of wood?Hard
Name a dog who has replaced BrianHard
Who are Lois' two siblings?Hard
What time was Stewie born?Hard
What is the name of the Pewterschmidt's prized racing dog?Hard
Who was the Griffin's dog before Brian?Hard
What was Quagmire's cat's name?Hard
Who is the owner of the Swedish Bakery?Hard
Name a tenant of Cleveland's house during his absenceHard
What family do the Griffin's race up Mount EverestHard
Where was Brian born?Hard
Who is Stewie's rival both before and after birth?Hard
What is Herbert the Pervert's dog's name?Hard
Who is the owner, president, and CEO of his Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman Emporium and Warehouse?Hard
Who is possibly Meg's real father?Hard

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