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'So, in all this time did you ever think do a girl see red where a man sees pink?'Just Push Play
'There's something right world today, and everybody knows it's wrong'Get a Grip
'You never know what you've got until they take it away'Permanent Vacation
'You're heading down a one way street, and I've got to go the other way'Aerosmith
'I think everything will be alright no matter what we do tonight'Nine Lives
'Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel could be you'Get a Grip
'I don't wanna burn in paradise'Pump
'Does the voice in my head bother you?Nine Lives
'She had to take him down easy and put a bullet in his brain'Pump
'You got to lose to know how to win'Aerosmith
'Coincidental murder, with nothing to show'Get Your Wings
'You're wearing out things that nobody wears'Toys in the Attic
'Where there's smoke there's fire, so I got to boot it out'Done with Mirrors
'Hate is in the city and love is in the meadow'Rocks
'Deja vu or what you please follows true to all who do or die'Draw the Line
'I could see in his eyes that we is goin' to trial'Night in the Ruts
'If you do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got'Get a Grip
'It was me she was foolin', she knew what she was doin''Toys in the Attic
'I think love is love reflected'Nine Lives
'It's an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, they're so ruthless when they fight'Rock in a Hard Place
'Never judge a book by its cover'Permanent Vacation
'I forgot my name'Rocks
'Checkmate honey, you're the only one who's got to choose'Draw the Line
'Believe in all the good things that money just can't buy'Get a Grip
'Oooh, it's a sunny day outside my window'Toys in the Attic
'I kind of hope we get stuck, nobody gets out alive'Pump

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