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Can you name the Disney Films which have been described only using Up-Goer Five words*?

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Up-Goer Five DescriptionDisney Film
Story about animals and the 'round' of life.
Story about a water girl who gets legs.
Story about a girl who likes to read; meets bad looking man and falls in love.
Story about a girl who saves her dad by fighting instead.
Two bad children become nice with the help of a carer.
A young girl runs away from bad lady and finds a house with seven small men.
Boy wants girl. Girl doesn't want boy. Blue man helps boy. Girl falls in love with boy.
Girl has no mum or dad. Lives with three bad ladies. Makes friends with small animals. Meets nice man. Runs away. Nice man finds girl. Happy ending.
Girl in hiding with three older ladies. Meets boy in trees for dance. Bad lady finds girl and puts her to sleep. Keeps boy hidden. Boy escapes and find girl. Kiss, then dance.
Story about a big grey animal with very big ears.
Up-Goer Five DescriptionDisney Film
Story about two little animals who save a young girl from bad people.
Story about a boy made from wood; nose grows when he lies.
Story about a boy raised in the trees with dog-like animals. Bad big cat tries to eat boy. Boy goes to live with girl and other people like him.
Girl falls down chasing white animal who is always late. Meets a pink cat and mad man. Meets bad red lady and chased by cards.
Story about a boy who never grows up.
Animal story about real people. Good men take from those with money and give to those with nothing.
Dogs. Lots of dogs. White and black only.
Girl kisses small green animal. Girl turns into small green animal. Two green animals fall in love. Animals turn back into boy and girl.
Man grows up in trees with animals. Meets girl who comes with bad men. Fights bad men. Girl and man live in trees together in love.
Girl and family live in new world. Bad men come to hurt people and take land. Girl falls in love with one of them. He gets hurt and goes home across water.

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