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Can you name the movies released in 2015 which have been described only using Up-Goer Five words*?

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Up-Goer Five Description2015 Movies
30 years later a new trouble arrives. The first order tries to take control and a group of good people plans to stop them, with the help of the others.
In the cold, a man who takes people for money and his catch wind up in a building lived in by a group of bad people.
A boy who has a bad 'cold time of year' ends up by chance bringing a 'cold time of year' animal-like being to his family home.
A man on a working outside trip in the 1820 fights to live after being attacked by an animal and left for dead by people of his own team.
In the near time, single people, by the order of The City, are taken to The House, where they must find a person to love in 45 days or are turned into animals and sent off to Woods
A woman goes against the bad person in control in a fighting torn place in search for her home land with the help of a group of women, a mad god loving person, and the person name
A college student's life changes when she meets a good looking, yet hurt, well-to-do man.
Four people in the world of money guess that the money and housing fall of the 2004 will happen, and decide to take on the big money storing building for their bad acts.
A state worker who finds bad people is asked by a state force to help in the growing fight at the crossing area into the states.
On the night before 'best day in the cold time', three friends spend the night in The Big City looking for the best parties.

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