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Which respiratory group (dorsal or ventral) is involved in forced breathing?
The diaphragm and external intercostals are muscles used during which type of breathing?
Stretch receptors in the lungs send signals to the DRG through this nerve to stop inhale if lungs are overstretched
What is the normal partial pressure for oxygenated blood?
What is the normal partial pressure of carbon dioxide in deoxygenated blood?
Aortic and carotid bodies are _____ _______ that mostly respond to hydronium concentration to maintain blood pH
When you exercise and muscle tissue contracts maximally, carbon dioxide is a waste product. H+ ions are produced and they cause the pH to (go up or down?)
What is the dominant chemical factor controlling breathing?
Central chemoreceptors respond to what?
In a right shift of the hemoglobin oxygen saturation curve, how does hemoglobin's affinity for oxygen change?
What is a chloride shift?
Why is epinephrine used as a treatment for asthma attacks?
How much of total blood oxygen is represented by PO2?
When carbon dioxide binds to the polypeptide in hemoglobin, is the heme group's affinity for oxygen higher or lower?
What is the role of the Pre-Botzinger complex?
What is the affect of acetylcholine on respiratory passages?
Where in the lungs does gas exchange happen?
How do oxygen and carbon dioxide move in and out of capillaries?
Define hypoxia
Define hypoventilation

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