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Can you name the Circulatory system?

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the most elastic vessel
where filtration and absorption occur
what is total peripheral resistance dependent on?
pulse pressure
mean arterial resistance
what influences venous return?
Cardiac action potentials do not reach tetanus because:
when does the bicuspid valve open?
how do molecules go through capillaries?
the second heart sound occurs when semilunar valves close, thus signaling:
role of chordae tendinae
which vein carries oxygenated blood?
aortic bodies and carotid bodies are examples of ______ which sense blood pressure
4 hormones that affect arteriolar radius?
where does calcium come from in cardiac action potentials?
main pacemaker
what does the qrs complex represent in an ecg?
define stroke volume
what is the affect of acetylchline on heart rate
what is frank-starling law?
stroke volume and end-diastolic volume are directly or inversely proportionate?
the bicuspid valve is on the (right or left) side of the heart?

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