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What is the electromagnetic wave with the lowest frequency?
Convert 20 ns into seconds
What is frequency measured in?
Gamma waves have a ________ frequency
What is core diameter of monomode fibre?
A remote control uses _________ radiation
What type of waves are electromagnetic waves?
Which type of optical fibre is used in long distance data transmissions?
All objects emit
Radiowaves have a _________ wavelength
What is the approximate range of wavelengths for visible light
Give an example of a longitudinal wave
What is the speed of light in m/s?
Which type of optical fibre has a sudden change in the refractive index?
Which type of optical fibre has a gradual chnage in refractive index?
What is core diameter of step index fibre?
What are optical fibres made from?
Which type of optical fibre is used in short distance data?

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