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The unit N/m^2 is also known as what?
What affect does increasing the radius of the circle have on the centripetal force needed for an object to perform circular motion?
What type of transformer has more turns on the primary coil than the secondary coil?
What can be calculated using the equation 1/sinc
What is calculated when using the equation Force/area
What property of liquids allows hydraulics to work
What's the equation to calculate moment or turning force
What are moments measured in?
Give one way to increase stability
Give another way to increase stability
Why is ionising radiation harmful?
If the pressure within a hydraulic system is 1400 N/m^2 and the cross sectional area is 1.5 x 10-2m what is the force applied to the piston?
If the wire carrying the current is parallel to the magnetic field what won't be experienced?
Which wavelength of the em spectrum is about the same as the diameter of an atom?
What quantity tells you how fast you are travelling in a certain direction
What force provides the centripetal force for planets
The image produced by a diverging lens will always be ________
Which part of the eye relates to the CCD on a camera?
What is the force which makes something move in a circle
What is pressure measured in
What is another name for a converging lens
What does the time period of a pendulum depend on
what part of the eye adjusts the curvature of the lens
what type of image is formed by x-rays
what type of em waves are used in a CT scanner
What does the second finger in Flemings left hand rule represent
What is the name of a small portable transformer
Where does the centripetal force come from, for a car going round a bend
What detects light in a digital camera
What is the unit of power in a lens
What feature of x-rays is dangerous
describe one of the features of the image produced by the lens in a camera
What is the name given to sound above 20000 Hz
In what direction does a person accelerate when spinning in a circle?
X-rays are not used on pregnant women because they are _______
Light will totally internally reflect when the angle of incidence is _______ than the critical angler
What is used to change the voltage and current in a power grid
What is the part of the eye called where light is first refracted

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