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Each isotope of an element has the same number of what?
Atoms can lose or gain electrons to form charged particles called what?
The most dangerous type of radiation outside the body is ....
In an atom the number of electrons is equal to the number of what?
What is charge measured in?
Should a voltmeter be in series or parallel
Is voltage shared or the same across components in parallel
What does the gradient of a velocity-time graph represent
What is the equation to calculate gravitational potential energy?
If the resultant force acting on a car travelling eastwards at 30 mph is zero, in which direction and at what speed will it travel?
What voltage is mains electricity
Which component melts and breaks circuit if current is too high
m/s^2 is the unit for what?
what is velocity
What is transferred when work is done?
What is the splitting of an atomic nucleus
Frequency of mains electricity is
After protostar what is the next stage in the life cycle of a star
What is the joining of two atomic nuclei?
What type of radiation emits a helium nucleus
What is the relative charge of a neutron
What does the gradient of a velocity-time graph represent?
How does alcohol affect the braking distance
Between which two wires does the RCCB detect if theres a current difference
The rate of work done by an appliance is called the ...
How does the resistance change in an LDR as light intencity increases
When a spring is stretched what form of energy does it gain?
How do you calculate stopping distance
What is an alpha particle?
What is a beta particle?
What is the final stage of a star of a similar size to our sun?
What is released during nuclear fusino
What are to fissionable substances used in nuclear power stations?
What are the relative masses of protons, neutrons and electrons (in that order)
What is the most ionising form of radiation?
Where does beta radiation come from
What sub atomic particle moves when you rub certain insulating materials?
Current flows in ..... ......... through a diode

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