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Type of fuel is an example of which data
A straight line graph through the origin shows what relationship
The difference between the smallest and largest measurement
What kind of data can take any value?
Temperature will be this kind of variable
The variable that changes when you change the independent variable
If one of the variables is categoric or discrete what type of graph should you draw
A straight line graph shows what relationship
Tiny, small, medium, large is an example of which kind of data
What kind of data can only take certain number values
If both independent and dependent variables are continuous what type of graph should you draw?
Eye colour is an example of this type of variable
A measurement close to the true value is
Shoe size is an example of
An instrument that allows you to measure small divisions is
The variable you change when doing an experiment
If you calibrate something you must compare to known values and add a
When you have the same error on every measurement it is called a
Something you expect to find out from an experiment is called a
The steepness of the line is called the
Variables that must be kept the same are called

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