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Can you name the type of ionising radiation: alpha beta or gamma?

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ClueType of radiation
Which is most harmful in the body?
Which is a helium nucleus travelling at high speed?
Which has the largest mass?
Which is the least penetrating type of radiatinon?
If a nucleus decays and the atomic number goes up by one what was emitted?
Which is stopped by a piece of paper or air?
Tracers in the body usually have a half life of a few hours and emit this radiation
Which travels fastest?
Which is the most penetrating type of radiation?
Which is a high speed electron
Which is the least ionising type of radiation?
ClueType of radiation
Which passes through paper but is stopped by a few mm of aluminium?
If a nucleus decays and the atomic number goes down by two what radiation was emitted?
What is used in a smoke alarm?
Which is the most ionising type of radiation?
Which is used to make sure paper is kept at the right thickness?
Which passes through paper and aluminium but is reduced by thick lead
Which is an electromagnetic wave?
Which radiation has the biggest mass?
If a neutron turns into a proton in the nucleus of an unstable atom, what radiation is emitted?
Which would be used as a tracer under the road?

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