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Can you name the food and drink in Arrested Development episodes?

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You can tell the model home isn't a real home, if you have to hide your cereal boxes in this.
Frozen confection sold by the Bluth family since 1953. Or 1963.
Frozen confection sold in the visitors' area of prison.
That Nazhgalia looks adorable with her...his...her...this mustache.
This item in Lupe's handbag had better be hers--that ball of foil is already suspicious.
For your information, Lindsay does have a real job: pushing this on vulnerable businessmen at Rud.
A golf membership is essential to Lucille's health--this just doesn't agree with her system.
Nana tried this for the very first time. Can you imagine, 92 years old and never tried this?
Ann is so cute, especially when she puts together this edible concoction.
This catches fire in the microwave if you forget to take off the foil.
Where the (bleep) are Tobias's these?
Pop-Pop doesn't get a treat, because Michael already brought him a (bleeping) this.
You can enjoy any of these at George's wake.
Tom, did you stick these on Gob's $7200...$3600...$5000 suit? No? Well, you're fired anyway. Merry Christmas!
Don't get your grubby hands on Gob's $600 this suit. Come on!
Who does that Stan Sitwell think he is? If he's going to shed facial hair into these, he'd better have a spare bowl of them on him.
Sharing a horseback ride with Michael Bluth will be all the more romantic if you dip each other in this, from the charity auction goody basket.
If you're lucky enough to get a table at Skip Church's restaurant on a Sunday, for the love of God don't order this.
At the Balboa Country Club, the calamari--and just about everything else--is slathered in this.
When you're soaked in alcohol, try to avoid planting your face in this dessert.
Maeby knows when she says bananas and these, it makes the guys giggle--but what are they really thinking?
The stand next to the cabin at Tahoe had better still be selling these, or Lucille may do something drastic with the car, the lake, and Buster.
You can get heaping plates of these at the only American-themed restaurant in Wee Britain...
...and you can wash them all down with this.
When you discover that your future bride has the intellect of a 6-year-old, you too would agree that you deserved a $15 thing of these.
You know that old this that's been around forever? It's perfect for making this water for Buster. After all, he's a growing boy.
Grape juice turns into this only if you leave it open overnight.
The only time Lucille ever made breakfast was the morning Rosa's mother died. She served this in an ashtray.
The chicken Lindsay serves at the Save Our Bluths fundraiser is covered in this.
You know that old racist lady? She's the one who choking on this.
George will visit Buster's hospital room every day, if it takes to the end of this... this restaurant.
Speaking of restaurants, who knew there was one of these in Mamoon?

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