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QUIZ: Can you name the animals in the Archer episodes?

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It's a short list, Woodhouse. Two things we don't allow in here: these and my mother.
Pam uses this puppet when doing HR mediations.
Don't drop donuts on the rug. Do you want these? Because that's how you get these!
Archer tries to mollify Cheryl/Carol by offering her his dinner wrapped as this.
Rug marbles, donuts, whatever you want to call them--they're a perfect meal for a hungry, hungry, hungry this, like Pam.
Gravlax? No thanks, Lana is allergic to this piss.
So, the mandatory drug test isn't just for pot? How is Cheryl/Carol going to get away with her LSD-infused Groovy These?
The floor alarm for the ISIS mainframe is so sensitive, even this sets it off.
There's no dessert left for Archer's schoolgirl-y prostitutes, because this got into the pudding cups.
Archer's biggest fear is this.
Archer's second biggest fear is this.
Who knew you could plant a microchip in Len Trexler's brain so he thinks he's this?
Cheryl Tunt may be rich, but she won't buy toys for Babou, her pet this.
If ISIS's budget gets cut back any more, Malory Archer will be reduced to wearing this.
What do you mean Ray can't commit? Yeah, hi, he's got two of these.
Archer becomes too sad to have sex after the murder of this.
Babou is a this-eared assh-le, according to Archer.
Pam grew up in Wisconsin, where her family raised these.
That was totally ninja! Archer not only saves Rip Riley when their plane crashes into the sea, but also shoots this! In the face!
So, Cheryl doesn't need to shave the face of this before she cooks it, right?
This bites Archer in the desert of Turkmenistan.
The double agent Archer and Lana are sent to retrieve in Morocco turns out to be this.
Archer got a stuffed this on his sixth birthday.
Jermaine, Pam's pet this, must be a terrible fighter--she's already lost $14,000 on him.

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