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Can you name the characters Rand is describing? *SPOILERS!*?

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It was about a woman, torn and beaten down, cast from her throne and made a puppet - a woman who crawled when she had to.
It was about a man that love repeatedly forsook, a man who found relevance in a world that others would let pass them by. A man who remembered stories, and who took fool boys under
It was about a woman with a secret, a hope for the future. A woman who had hunted the truth before others could. A woman who had given her life, and then had it returned.
It was about a man whose family was taken from him, but who stood tall in his sorrow and protected those he could.
It was about a woman who refused to believe that she could not help, could not Heal those who had been harmed.
It was about a hero who insisted with every breath that he was anything but a hero.
It was about a woman who would not bend her back while she was beaten, and who shone with the Light for all that watched.

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