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Forced Order
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Now who would've thought that after all, something as simple as rock and roll would save us all.
She said 'We'll play poker and we'll play for keeps; I only play angels lately and they never let me cheat.'
Not everyone grows up to be an astronaut, not everyone was born to be a king.
If we accept that there's an end game and we haven't got much time, then in the here and now we can try and do things right.
I trace the shoreline through a thousand estuaries to remind me: An island is my home.
Take me down to the English Channel. Throw me in where the water is shallow, and then drag me on back to shore.
Many years back when these old oaks were young, not long after the north men had come.
But there's something about coming back to your hometown again, the place where you grew up and where you found your firmest friends.
And then specks infinitesimal of my mortal remains will slide down seven million throats and into seven million veins,
She can't remember which came first; the house, the home or the terrible thirst.
I was walking home to my house through the snow when Springsteen came clear in my headphones with a pertinent question.
You'd sink in the river for your death. You'd sleep with the fishes draw no breath.

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